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Some ways to promote the website?

  • Guest Posting

    Leveraging traffic on websites that are popular is one simple way to get people clicking your link. Contact the owners of these websites and ask politely if you could contribute a well written article that their audience would find interesting

  • Blogging

    By publishing content to your own blog, you are creating your own promotional material for your affiliate products – all of which can be easily shared across the web and can leverage the power of organic search.

  • By email

You have access to all you classmates email address through you college email software. just                  email them and include your affiliate link.

  • Social Media

    Include your link in all of your biographical information on social media, and be sure to post your affiliate link on each platform as often as possible.

  • Forums

    There is a lot to be said about generating traffic through forum marketing. It can be very effective if done correctly. This means taking an actual interest in the conversations at hand, and allowing the link placed in your signature to do most of the hard work.

As you can see is not that complicated, just share your affiliate link with your fellow students. Every time someone click your link and become a member our software will track the sale and automatically generate your commission. We’ll send you the money to your Paypal account, then you just transfer the money to your bank account.


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